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Ingredients for the béchamel (1 liter):

Butter 100 g
Grated nutmeg
00 flou 100 g
Milk 1 l
For the lasagne:

fresh lasagne 250 gr
4 jars of Pesto Lavezzari

20 minutes


20 minutes

You need to start with the béchamel preparation: warm milk in a pot and, at the same time, melt the butter at low heat, then take it away from the fire and add flour, whisk to prevent clumps. Put the pan back on the low heat and whisk until th cream beomes golden.
Season the milk with nutmeg and salt and whisk energically.
Cook for 5 – 6 minutes at low heat, until the sauce becomes dense and starts to boil. You will have a medium densiy; if you wish for a more liquid béchamel  you will have to reduce the quantities of butter and flour; if instead you wish for a more dense béchamel you will have to increase the quantities of butter and flour.

Qhen the béchamel is ready, blend it with pesto.

Cook the lasagne and, once you have strained them, take a casserole dish and start plating. Star with a layer of béchamel and pesto then a layer of lasagne, the again a layer of béchamel and pesto and a layer of lasagne, continue like this untill you run out of ingredients.

Turn your oven on at 180°, dust the lasagne with parmigiano and let them bake for 15/20 minues.

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