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Lorenzo Lavezzari

The passion for pesto is innate in genoese people, mine started in 2005 when I attended the Pesto Genovese Taster Course in my hometown. After two years I took part in the firt World Pesto Championship at Palazzo Ducale 7 http://www.pestochampionship.it/envira_album/i-campionato-2007/ . I was not the winner, but since then my pesto has improved.

How to use it

Pesto is a sauce, that is used cold and does not need cooking. It is mainly used to flavour pasta, any kind is suitable: spaghetti, bavette, trenette, lasagne, trofie, gnocchi di patate.
The genoese people also use it in the minestrone.
It can be used to flavour boiled potatoes.
My tip: melt your pesto with a little bit of cooking water, but do not water it down.

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