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The Ingredients

This is the genoese pesto recipe written by the Pesto Genovese Consortium.

The basil (Ocinum Basilicum) that I use is produced by the Azienda Agricola Casotti Roberto, that has been cultivating PDO Genoese Basil in Prà for three generations.
Visit this website Azienda Agricola Casotti Roberto.
Extra-virgin Olive Oil
The Extra – virgin olive oil used to make pesto must come from the Riviera Ligure olive groves (cultivat Taggiasca).
This type of oil has a yellow – greenish colour, no flaws in the aroma and it is not very salty or bitter.
I use PDO Parmigiano – Reggiano (aged for 24 months), that gives flavour to our pesto with its strong taste.
This cheese has been produced in our country for nine centuries.
Pine Nuts
First quality pine nuts have a pasty, but not crispy pulp and aromatic.
The quality and quantity of the oil contained in the pine nuts (pinus pinea) are considered important parameters for the valuation of the product.
Pecorino DOP
The Pecorino Fiore Sardo has been always used in the pesto recipe and must be aged for at least 15 months.
This cheese is made with sheep milk, cooked on a wood fire.
The process gives the final product a smoked aftertaste.
The Vessalico garlic is cultivated in the Arroscia Valley, in the municipality of Vessalico, Borghetto d’Arroscia, Aquila d’Arroscia, Ranzo.
This product has a delicate, but strong aroma, that can be easely stored and digested. Aglio di vessalico
In making my pesto, I only use italian sea salt.
This product is obtained from the evaporation of seas water, stored in tanks, where at the end of the process only the salt remains.
This type of estraction is very ancient.

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