Why choose me 2017-03-30T16:29:17+02:00
Nowadays pesto can be found in any supermarket, but it rarely is the kind that genoese people love.
Mine is a small production, that aims to qualiy.

Why my pesto is so good:

The basil is gathered and worked on the same day

I use only italian first quality ingredients,
I personally select the makers

There is equilibrium in the ingredients dosage
(no one prevails in the others)

It is made of:

2) Extravirgin oil from the riviera ligure, light and delicate
3) PDO parmigiano reggiano
4) First quality pine nuts
5) PDO pecorino fiore sardo
6) Italian garlic
7) Italian sea salt

Moreover it does not contain preservatives, antioxidant, colouring or gluten and can be freezed.

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